Thursday, July 5, 2012

Well hello there!

A few new things... First of all, Devyn has been making some great progress! He is on summer break right now. But before he went on break we had another IEP. His teacher and ot/st suggested he move to the mild/mod class instead of being in the mod/severe class. My husband and I agreed because he is making great progress and we felt he was ready to move to the next class. I just wanted to make sure he would keep his services. All services stayed on the same so that was great! He starts when school starts back up again (end of july..He is also talking a lot more - conversation wise! Which is great!!! That is something he really struggles with. There has been a bit of regression because he is on break but hopefully when he goes back to school everything will go back to normal. His OT was cut at the clinic we go to. Which kind makes me a little annoyed..His therapist believes he does not need it anymore. She says he is making too much progress. I agree he is making progress BUT he does a lot of things with his therapist that he will not do with us. We are constantly trying though..hopefully he will break away from this habit soon. I just wish she wouldnt of cut his OT so soon just when he started making good progress. I dont quite understand that. I'm going to try to go through RC again for aba services for Devyn..I really hope I dont get the run around again. I tried before and our service coordinator was just SO rude about it. Pretty much told me it wasnt worth it. Insurance will be a no go because my sons insurance is excluded from the new law...So, we will see how this goes. :/ Otherwise, just doing our usual thing. Therapy and activities/events. Although, I'm thinking of taking it slow on the activities. We have been doing way too much lately and it is pretty exhausting.. I made another team for the Autism Speaks walk this year. This year it will be in Irvine! Right down the street from us and it will be in October. Hoping more people join and/or donate! Gotta start getting the word out about it.. Autumn has also been doing great! Talking up a storm..having little conversations with her brother! SO CUTE! Although, I think the terrible two's are in full swing because she is becoming a moody monster!!!! Hahaha..typical girl I guess haha. Had some not so pleasant visits with For OC Kids about her though...which just makes me angry so I wont go too much into that. All I know is that she is doing GREAT! Everyone thinks so too which is all that matters to me. Other than that...I have started my own little journey! I am trying to lose some weight. It has been 5 weeks and I've already lost 11 lbs. Hoping to lose a lot more. Trying to lose at least 50 lbs by December! I think I can do it :) I have been feeling gloomy lately though...I try to put the family subject in the back of my mind but lately I find myself thinking more about it. I really wish I had parents and the kids had grandparents. I just don't know why my parents and my husbands wouldn't choose to love our kids. They are beautiful and they are worth being loved..they are worth getting to know. Why wouldn't they want to know them? BLAH. So much to say about this subject...I just wish things were different. BUTTT whatever with that! Things are looking up for us though!!! :)

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